What You Need to Understand about Stained Glass Panels before Installing them in your Home

04 Oct

Is a renovation of your house on the books?  An affirmative answer here automatically tells me that some work is going to be done on the windows. Have you considered getting those unique stained glass panels? I'm pretty confident they would look good in your living room. In fact, how would you feel waking up to them in your bedroom?  The panels can play the role of an ordinary window while also beautifying the space around them.  A trip to a local restaurant or chapel that uses these stained glass panels will speak for itself.  There is just something striking and splendid about them and the places they are found. So if you already buying into what I'm talking about, then you need to ask," How do I choose appropriate stained glass panels?  Here you will find the key to unlock the door to success in using stained glass panels. Find the best stained glass or buy these stained glass panels.

First thing is to consider where the stained glass panels are going to be installed. As much as they are good, you can't just go depositing the panels all over the house. Over doing it may end up with an opposite effect to the one you intended. The stained glass panels should make that traditional decorative statement that is catchy yet not jarring.  the openings along the stairs, and long hallways would benefit massively from stained glass panels.  For rooms meant for sitting and discussing, the right mixture of regular and stained glass panels is everything. This will give the desired level of decorative appeal and light in equal measure without overwhelming the eye.

The opacity of the glass is another key consideration.  The question lies in how much light the glass allows to pass through. Here you will find the opalescent glass (opals) which are very opaque.  Cathedral glass is another classification encompassing transparent stained glass. Here two issues come to the fore: Privacy and light control.  To reduce the amount of light accessing a room, go for the opals.  For areas of maximum privacy such as bathrooms, opals are the stained glass panels you need.  However, if none of the above is a concern, you can always go the route of cathedral glass.

Think also about the surface of the stained glass panels.  The panels can be soft on either side, textured on one but smooth on the other or textured on all sides.  Confidentiality and the ability to clean the panels should feature in this texture factor. For instance, heavily textured stained glass panels, though clear, are hard to see through as light is distorted hence suitable for bathrooms.  For example, in a kitchen, textured stained glass panels would not be suitable since they are not easily cleaned. All in all, you need to discuss widely with the seller about this texture issue and suitability.

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